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dal – Last Mile Delivery

At channels we always aim to achieve the level of excellency with our customers through developing and improving the quality of the service provided. As a result, we created a core intelligent crowd sourcing platform for digital delivery (LMD) built into a highly effective security application that enables delivery agents to fully control the level of service from receiving the order to completing the delivery. The platform enables the partners to view and live- track the delivery process, it also provides a detailed information at all levels.

Not only did we create this platform, but we also continuously managed and developed it and made sure to differentiate it with many unique features. It also has a smart feature that transfers the accepted requests to the delivery agent based on the geographical points of the agent and the destination to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery process with an up-to-date live-tracking system, accompanied by an intelligent communication system that links the delivery stakeholders via online chat and timely mobile notification.

assure – Customer Experience


At channels we aim to improve our partners’ customer experiences through “CeX” service which depends on innovative solutions, latest technologies and high quality processes by an elite experienced professionals in the customer experience field. “CeX” service provides active and detailed reports that help improving customer experience.

qwik – Electronic Voucher Distribution

At channels, our approach is to deliver the best and latest technologies to our partners including the Electronic Voucher Devices (EVD), that reinforce our partners’ sales like vouchers, electronic recharge, electronic wallets & video games products. EVD also enables our partners to benefit from more than 40,000 points of sales through a safe selling and distribution network.

This technology is designed to ensure the provision of a wide variety of products, such as: different recharge data packages, online video game products in addition to providing electronic vouchers and many other products where we allow our partners to perform thousands of electronic sales operations through the secure distribution network.





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