Health Zone initiative

In cooperation with Cooperative insurance “Tawuniya”, the company, organized a health Checkup for employees under the name of “Health Zone”

A mobile unit from Tawuniya “Health Zone” program provided biometrics and specialized consultancy on health, nutrition and fitness, including tips that help for establishing healthy patterns to enjoy a better life, in addition to conducting a number of tests on vital functions of the body, which can be an effective means of prevention, or early detection of diseases.

The Health Zone specialized team consisting of doctors and specialists on nutrition and fitness, as well as nurses provides services such as:

  • Consulting on biometrics (measuring blood pressure, sugar level, weight and height)
  • Testing
  • Counseling
  • Responding to all health-related inquiries and questions

This initiative aims to contribute to building a healthy disease- free society, which comes in line with the company’s direction to improve the working environment and spread health and nutrition awareness among its employees.