Sales channels

We are the leading Sales channels in the telecom sector

Distribution channels

We are the leading distributor in the telecom sector

Because we are pioneers in our field, we always strive to meet the needs of customers in all markets. With our effective presence in the traditional trade, we can provide our services to anyone anywhere through the huge distribution network of more than 40,000 different points of sale and through the sales outlets that we have equipped with a new identity, we bring it to the modern trade outlets and ensure that all customer groups are targeted. In order to attract more distinguished partners, we offer a variety of products and services in these outlets by making agreements with modern trade outlets.

Retail channels

A field we are pioneers in, by offering a sales experience with global standards

Because we are one of the pioneers of the telecom sector in the region, we are able with all professionalism and through our accumulated field experience to serve millions of customers annually, starting from our role as the main operator of all retail outlets of major telecom companies through our branches spread across the region, amounting to more than 230 branches.

Sales channels

Finding innovative solutions to improve operations

We focused on being pioneers in our business by keeping up with progress towards digitizing communication services, so we designed cutting-edge platforms for our customers and partners. These platforms include various services such as sales via smartphones, e-commerce platforms and applications.

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