We enhance our offerings

with our added-value services.

They constitute the backbone of our vision. We operate to promote long-term, viable relationships with partners and customers.

Our Services

Collections and Delivery

After sales services

Field Sales

Retail Management

Logistics Support



We abide by the highest standards of customer experience and constantly seek to enhance our in-store portfolio of services and offerings, as well as store reception and ambiance. We work to meet customer needs and manage many retail stores, among which is the STC retail chain, providing guidance, quality control and manpower.



We provide first-class business operations to our partners. With a focus on environmental and social impacts, our aim is to ensure the performance of our suppliers through our logistics services, building mutual sustainability and corporate reputation.


We ensure the latest and most efficient up-to-date selling technology that allows our qualified field agents to offer a first-class experience to customers. With both SMEs and individuals in mind, our exclusive packages are tailored to every lifestyle, across our markets, and include an array of services such as FTTH, ICT solutions, internet packages and broadband services to name a few.



We have mastered door-to-door services through Last Mile Delivery and programs such as Wa9el, with the aims to achieve excellence in customer service and digital transformation. This strategic platform serves STC Group customers by being an intermediate catalyst for delivering the company’s products.



We believe in the continuity of our services and operate through after sales centers across our markets. These centers enhance Channels’ customer experience by providing partner-certified representatives for professional assistance with device maintenance, technical and other issues, in a timely manner, and with no or short delays.