STC Channels in Hajj Season 1439 AH

In line with our keenness to provide the pilgrims of the two Holy cities with all services and facilities during the Hajj season 1439H, Channels covered a up to 205 sites, distributed between Makkah, Medina, Holy sites, outlets and Miqats. One Thousand seven hundred nine young men and women were serving pilgrims at these sites.

Channels also provided a range of services that enabled it to reach pilgrims from all over the world, through local and international ads, educational messages and advertising materials, which reached seven countries and translated into eight languages.

In addition, the number of requests through the Visitor Requests System, which serves pilgrims by preparing their communication requirements before arriving to the Kingdom, reached more than 40,000 requests during the month of Dhul Qa’da 1439 AH between Makkah, Madinah, Jeddah and Yanbu.

In order to facilitate pilgrimage rituals, Channels signed an agreement with the Saudi Project for Utilization of Hajj Meat (Adahi), which aims at facilitating the completion of the Hajj rituals electronically through STC Channels.

These services come in line with the national and religious duty to serve the guests of the holy cities, develop our country and activate our role in line with the Saudi Vision 2030.